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1) IN ORDER TO JOIN THE CO-OP THERE WILL BE A ONE TIME $10.00 FEE. The fee covers the bins and other necessities and is due annually in January (or whenever you join). Non-members may purchase at the non-member price (approximately 15% extra) 2) ORDERING - You will receive an email by Thursday with the items available to order for the next week.  You will be able to order through Monday morning.  However, orders are packed in the order in which they are received so order promptly to give you the best chance of receiving all the items you have ordered. 3) There will always be extras and they will be available to purchase when you pick up your order.  We ask for your support by checking the table and purchasing extra items to reduce possible loss. 4) Prices and availability of produce can and often fluctuates between ordering and receiving. 5) PICKING UP PRODUCE - Your order will be ready for pick up on Thursday from 11am to 1pm.  Once we get started these hours may be extended. If for any reason you cannot pick up your order you must call and let us know.  If you need a special arrangement, please contact us directly and we will see what we can do! THINK GREEN.  Please bring bags with you to take home your produce. 6) LOCATION - 21701 Dalious Trail, Eustis FL 32736 7) PAYMENT - All orders must be paid for by check or cash at time of pick up. 8) We are always looking for more locally grown produce or products.  Please spread the word!
How do I join or learn more?
Living Towers Co-op has closed but we recommend that you join Dee's Co-op.  They offer Organic produce as well as Living Towers Produce.  To learn more click the Order Here button below.
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Eustis Organic Co-op brings you Organic produce at prices that are less expensive than the grocery store AND we have a greater choice. By buying together we can purchase cases direct from the distributor and cut out the middle man.
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